rebekahRebekah spent years in the world of fashion and art. She brings this background to all her creative work. Her cards are very unique and inspiring. They’ve captured the imagination of a growing list of admirers. Many compare her unique cards to the Vintage greeting cards that you might see in rare antique collections, while some imagine that her cards are a more modern day version of those old antique masterpieces. Rebekah admits that she is drawn to the countryside. In every country that she visited around the world, she took the time to visit the country and view the wild life. Some of her most treasured moments are those spent admiring the beautiful flowers and trees. Many of her most cherished card collections contain beautiful flowers in their natural elements. For example, the bluebonnet is a favorite wildflower in Texas. The bluebonnet is also the state flower. The blazing star, which is a native California plant is also one of her favorite flowers to use in a number of her collections. Rebekah is also branching out and including trees along with native wildlife. Her years with fashion, art, and designers gave her an eye for beauty in nature, environment, culture, landscape, and life. She likes to make them all a part of her growing collections.