Rebekah’s Cards

heart-762564_640Handcrafted Unique Greeting Cards

Handmade items created as gifts are always appreciated. They signal to the recipient that you care enough to take the time to find something really special and individual.

Rebekah’s line of personalized greeting cards are just that. They are produced with the same richness and elegance that Rebekah uses to create her fine jewelry. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from an assortment of exquisite card designs that you won’t find anywhere else, created by Rebekah’s own hand.

For Every Occasion

Whatever the occasion, you can find a unique card design that says exactly what you want to say. Whether it’s a traditional affair, or a modern non-conventional occasion, you’ll find the right message here in an array of stunning colors and graphics.

There are elegant designs for birthdays, anniversaries, religious ceremonies or holidays. Whether it’s a wedding celebration of that once in a lifetime moment of a family member or a cheerful greeting to a sick friend, you’ll be sure to find the right card for that certain special someone you hold dear. Send an apology to an estranged loved one with just the right words to melt their heart.

Lovingly Created By Rebekah Lea

Rebekah’s unique artistry is displayed in everything she does. As with her jewelry collection, fashion and art come together in one for this extraordinary collection of beautiful greeting cards. Her choice of designs is highly influenced by her experiences, set proudly on display for everyone to view and enjoy.

Please take the time to peruse this cherished collection for yourself. As always, special orders are invited. They are available upon request.